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Financing and investment trends 2018

Published on 18 April 2019


In 2018 the wind industry invested €65bn in Europe. This included investments in new assets, refinancing transactions, mergers and acquisition at project and corporate level, public market transactions, and private equity raised. Wind energy represented the largest investment opportunity in the power sector, accounting for over 60% of all investments in 2018. The technology is seen by governments and policy makers as a major driver for moving beyond fossil fuels and conventional power assets. Cost competitiveness and reduced risk perceptions have brought in domestic and international market players looking to diversify their portfolios and/or align with their sustainability targets.



Europe invested €27bn in new wind farms in 2018, financing a record amount of future new wind energy capacity


Investments in wind energy in Europe in 2018 will finance 16.7 GW of new capacity


190 wind farms across 22 different countries in Europe reached Final Investment Decision last year


€24.1bn was invested last year in the acquisition of wind farms including projects under development and of companies involved in wind


Wind energy represented 60% of all investments in power generation capacity last year

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