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Europe installed 15.4 GW of new wind power capacity in 2019. This is 27% higher than 2018 but 10% less than the record in 2017.

Europe now has 205 GW of wind energy capacity. And wind accounted for 15% of the electricity the EU-28 consumed in 2019.

Three quarters of the new wind installations last year were onshore. Spain installed the most with 2.2 GW of new onshore wind farms. New installations and investments were down sharply in Germany.



Wind energy is now 15% of the EU's electricity demand (up from 14% in 2018)


Wind power capacity rose by 15.2 GW in 2019: 11.6 GW onshore and 3.6 GW offshore. This was 31% more than in 2018


Denmark had the highest share of wind in its electricity demand last year (48%), followed by Ireland (33%) and Portugal (27%)


The UK installed the most wind in 2019 (2.4 GW), followed by Spain, Sweden, France and Germany


Onshore wind continues to be the main technology and still makes up 89% of all capacity

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