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Exhibitors’ press releases

Get the latest news from our exhibitors below. If you are exhibiting at WindEurope Annual Event 2023 and wish to display your press releases as well, you may do so by logging into the Exhibitor Zone.

OrganisationStandPress Release titleDate
OW Ocean WindsD-E40Ocean Winds secures €7.4 billion of investment and starts construction of 2 GW of offshore wind energy 2023-04-27 07:45
NVISIONISTC1-C45 STARTUP PAVILION S17Honorary visit and briefing of the Prince of Denmark, Frederick, by nvisionist as part of the "Wind Europe annual event 2023 Copenhagen"2023-04-26 15:32
NLMK DanSteelC4-B43NLMK DanSteel announces Blue wind®, the new standard in steel for the wind industry2023-04-26 11:25
Gazelle Wind PowerS10Gazelle Wind Power Unveils Third Generation Floating Offshore Wind Platform Technology2023-04-24 23:56
Environmental Resources ManagementD-G44ERM-RCG Global Offshore Wind Annual Report + Executive Summary2023-04-24 18:07
Texas ControlsD-G24Texas Controls allows to Experience the Art of Tensioning with Virtual Reality at its Booth in Copenhagen Trade Fair2023-04-24 18:04
Offshore Coalition for Energy and NatureC1-B9Launch of OCEaN Statement on ecological criteria in offshore wind farm auctions2023-04-24 09:15
X1 WindC2-C6X1 Wind presents X30 floating wind prototype results at WindEurope 20232023-04-21 19:37
FugroHall C3 stand B6Fugro to showcase expertise in renewable energy at WindEurope 20232023-04-21 13:16
CORROSIONC1-C36CORROSION introduces new revolutionary ICCP anode design for XX(X)L foundations2023-04-21 12:27
TrueOceanC3-A4QPS and TrueOcean join forces to unlock more value from hydrographic data2023-04-21 10:59
Green Hydrogen SystemsE-D60Green Hydrogen Systems ships first X-Series prototype2023-04-21 10:05
CNC OnsiteE-D54 Denmark’s CNC Onsite first with onsite wind turbine blade root repairs2023-04-20 13:32
ProCon Wind EnergyE-D50Scandinavian cooperation launches novel one-stop maintenance concept for offshore wind farms2023-04-20 13:00
MétéorageBooth B30-GAre you looking to mitigate the risk of lightning? Damages can reach up to 1.5 M€ for a wind turbine per lightning event...2023-04-19 16:53
Bretagne Ocean PowerC16-G6 French offshore wind energy clusters and business groups have joined forces under the France Offshore Renewables banner to facilitate access to French companies for international decision-makers2023-04-18 18:24
CNC OnsiteE-D54At WindEurope 2023: Precision milling of 10-meter wind turbine flanges2023-04-13 21:50
CNC OnsiteE -D54 CNC Onsite to present innovative yaw ring repair at WindEurope 20232023-04-11 13:35
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