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Strategic Research Agenda / Market Deployment Strategy


In 2013 the wind energy sector reached 117 GW of installed capacity in Europe, and would, in a normal wind year, produce 257 TWh of electricity, enough to cover 8% of the EU’s electricity consumption.


Through the European Wind Initiative (EWI), set up under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan framework, TPWind together with the European Commission, Member States and the European Energy Research Alliance ensures funding for wind energy R&D is in line with the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). For the 2010-2020 period, the EWI has a budget of €6 billion (bn), more than half of which will be provided by the wind energy industry.

This budget should be used to:

  • Maintain Europe’s technology leadership in onshore and offshore wind power;
  • Make onshore wind the most competitive energy source by 2020, with offshore following by 2030;
  • Achieve a 20% share of wind energy in EU total electricity consumption by 2020;
  • Create 250,000 new skilled jobs in the EU by 2020.

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