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WindEurope Sofa Talks


Want to stay up to date with what’s happening in wind energy these days?


Europe is working from home! Make yourself a cup of coffee and join WindEurope experts as we bring you all the latest from the world of wind energy, directly from our sofas to your sofa! WindEurope Sofa Talks is a new series of free interactive webinars dedicated to the most important issues facing wind energy today.

From recycling to finance, from the EU’s Climate Law to industrial strategy and more, our experts will set out the current state-of-play and answer your questions in real time.

This is your chance to get one-to-one insights from Europe’s leading wind energy experts.

The next Sofa Talk is:

Financing the future

(Tue, 7 July, 15:00 CEST)


Ivan Pineda
Director for Public Affairs

Dorine Bosman
Vice President Wind

Ed Northam
Head of Green Investment Group Europe
Macquarie Green Investment Group

Manahil Lakhmiri

As wind energy continues to expand and mature, new financing strategies will emerge for projects and their associated infrastructure. Project finance has been one of the preferred options for offshore wind projects up today. Companies are starting to issue green bonds to finance their portfolio expansion.

But as projects become larger, more complex, and competition tightens, new financing structures, expertise and partners will be needed to deliver them. What would be the future of finance for projects combining generation and transmission connecting two or more countries? Or for projects combining generation from wind, solar PV and battery storage? How electrolisers will be financed with wind projects?

In this Sofa Talk, industry leaders will discuss how they see the future of financing in the renewables sector.

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Tomorrow’s technology

(Thu, 9 July, 15:00 CEST)


Completed webinars

All the webinars are recorded and access is for WindEurope Members only

  1. The new EU Industrial Strategy (20 March)
  2. The new EU climate law (24 March)
  3. How wind can help deliver the EU Green Deal (27 March)
  4. How we’re recycling old wind turbines (2 April)
  5. Trends in the financing of wind farms (7 April)
  6. System Integration: Time to optimise the grid (9 April)
  7. How wind industry leaders are tackling the COVID-19 crisis (16 April)
  8. Floating offshore wind: innovations and cost-reduction trends (21 April)
  9. An electrifying future? (22 April)
  10. Building the future: The supply chain’s response to COVID-19 (30 April)
  11. Impacts of the crisis on energy supply and demand (5 May)
  12. Exploiting the potential of the Baltic Sea (7 May)
  13. How the Green Deal can help deliver 450 GW of offshore wind (15 May)
  14. Developing & managing wind assets in a market environment (26 May)
  15. End-of-Life Issues and Strategies Webinar (27 May)
  16. Bigger and heavier: how the offshore wind industry can respond (5 June)
  17. Scaling up of Floating wind (11 June)
  18. Digitalisation (16 June)
  19. Floating wind technology: ready to deliver? (30 June)
  20. Refocusing the Green Deal: what policies do we need for a renewables-driven recovery? (2 July)

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