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End-of-Life Issues & Strategies Seminar
1-2 December 2022 • Ghent


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CovestroQENERGYAxpoGP RenewablesN9veSiemens Gamesa

EoLIS 2022 Official Content Partner: Circularity and Sustainability

Covestro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality polymer materials and their components. With its innovative products, processes and methods, the company helps enhance sustainability and the quality of life in many areas.

Covestro is striving to lower the production costs of renewable energy, tackling the risk of fuel poverty, and helping to achieve global climate goals. Through cost effective PU-based raw materials in numerous wind turbine components and subsea cables, we are helping wind farms to better exploit the power of wind energy for the benefit of society as a whole.

Find out more: covestro.com

Find us at these sessions:

Thursday, 01 December

14:25 - 15:25
Business models Creating new value Maximising value (Lifetime extensions, repowering) Technology

Friday, 02 December

14:50 - 15:50
Business models Circularity Creating new value Partnerships Recycling Supply chain

EoLIS 2022 Official Content Partner: Repowering

Q ENERGY France is a major player in the renewable energy market in France. Formerly part of the RES group, the company has been active for 23 years in developing, building and operating wind and PV projects. Now involved in the energy storage market as well, Q ENERGY is expanding into new areas such as green hydrogen, offering smart and comprehensive solutions to help produce and supply sustainable energy in France.

Q ENERGY first got involved in wind farm repowering in 2017 at Souleilla-Corbières, the first wind farm developed and built by RES in 1999. Today, Q ENERGY’s repowering activities are covered by 4 partnerships with asset owners, 12 projects under development (450MW), 4 projects ready to be built (56MW) and 1 project under construction (24MW). As a sponsor of EoLIS since our foundation, Q ENERGY is a leader in onshore wind farm repowering for external clients in France.

Find out more: qenergy.eu

Find us at these sessions:

Thursday, 01 December

09:00 - 10:15
Business models Maximising value (Lifetime extensions, repowering)

Friday, 02 December

11:10 - 12:10
Business models Maximising value (Lifetime extensions, repowering)

EoLIS 2022 Sponsor

Axpo is driven by a single purpose – to enable a sustainable future through innovative energy solutions. As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power, Axpo combines the experience and expertise of more than 5,000 employees who are driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration and impactful change.

Find out more: axpo.com

EoLIS 2022 Sponsor

GP Renewables is the first group in Europe to provide fully comprehensive, state of the art services in the area of wind farm foundations.

Our offer includes: design, soil improvement, inspections, repairs nad life time extension of foundations. In GP Reblade we offer our clients comprehensive services related to the dismantling, recycling or repowering processes of wind farms and recycling of wind blades.

Did you know that wind blades used in landscape architecture can decorate urban spaces for several dozen years as well as provide solutions for strenghtening slopes or building houses? We provide all of those solutions to our clients.

Find out more: gp-renewables.energy

EoLIS 2022 Sponsor

N9VE-Nature, Ocean and Value is a 100% Portuguese equity company aimed exclusively at the R&D Physical and Natural Sciences and is developing a proprietary technology to recover Rare Earth Elements (REE) in a sustainable way.

Recycling Neodymium from permanent magnets of end-of-life wind turbines is, presently, our main focus.

Find out more: n9ve.pt

Find us at these sessions:

EoLIS 2022 Sponsor

Siemens Gamesa is a leading supplier of wind power solutions to customers all over the globe. A key player and innovative pioneer in the renewable energy sector, helping to make clean energy more affordable and reliable. We have installed products and technology with a total capacity base of over 100 GW in more than 90 countries.

Through its advanced digital capabilities, the company offers one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry as well as industry-leading service solutions for the maintenance and optimisation of wind turbines, providing a holistic, lifetime-care service through innovation and digitalisation; from technical assistance to complete asset management. And not only for Siemens Gamesa wind turbines but also for third party assets.

Find out more: siemensgamesa.com

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