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Poul la Cour Award

Who would you award for their contribution to wind power in Europe?

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Submissions for the Poul la Cour Award 2023 are now closed

Quick question:

Can you think of someone who has made a major contribution to wind energy in Europe?
Yes? Good!

And would you like to see this person recognised with a major international award to celebrate their achievements in wind energy?
Yes? Great!

The Poul la Cour Award is your chance to make this happen.

What’s the Poul la Cour Award?

Named after wind power pioneer Poul la Cour, the Poul la Cour Award is a cooperative effort between WindEurope and the Poul la Cour Foundation. Last awarded in 2021, the Poul la Cour Award is now to be a biennial award recognising the people who have made a unique contribution to wind power in Europe. See 2021 winner here.

This year, the Poul la Cour Award 2023 will be presented at the WindEurope Annual Event 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark (25 -27 April).

And you can nominate a candidate to win the award.

Who can you nominate?

You can nominate anyone who has made a unique and lasting improvement to the development and use of wind power in Europe, regardless of age, education, academic level, or number of years engaged in the wind power sector.

Criteria for receiving the award

The prize is awarded to a person who, through his/her work, has made a lasting improvement in developing and utilising wind power – inclusive of Power2X which is used in connection with wind power. It may be a technical innovation, a contribution to improving/understanding the economics of wind power or contributing to improving wind power’s integration into society – both in terms of public acceptance of wind turbines as part of the landscape and technical integration into European energy systems.

Candidates can cover a wide range of scientific disciplines. There is no requirement for a particular age group, level of education, academic achievement, or number of years engaged in the wind power sector. The most important criterion is that the person has made a unique and lasting contribution to the development and utilisation of wind power in Europe. Your nominee must be living and working within the EU27/EEA.

Please note:

  • You can only put one candidate forward.
  • You cannot put anyone forward who holds a political position, either national or at the European Parliament.
Poul la Cour Award 2021

Anne Velenturf, winner of the Poul la Cour Award 2021

Submissions for the Poul la Cour Award 2023 are now closed

How we will select the winner

The Award Committee consists of four members:

  • Malgosia Bartosik, Deputy CEO, WindEurope,
  • Prof. Dr. Athanasios Kolios, President, European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE)
  • Anders Vedel, Chief Science Advisor, Vestas Windsystems A/S
  • Peter Hjuler Jensen, Deputy Head, DTU Wind Energy


  • Birger T. Madsen, Poul la Cour Foundation

The winner of the award will be directly informed at the beginning of March 2023. The award ceremony and public announcement of the winner will take place at the WindEurope Annual Event 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Any further questions?

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The Poul la Cour Foundation, Bjarke Thomassen
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WindEurope, Nutcha Mabillard
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