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Turbine structures and mechanics

When: Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 14:00 - 15:15
Where: Auditorium 12

Session description

In this session, we will have a look at the turbine from the tip to the very bottom of the structure. We will try to better understand the effect of environmental conditions and operational loads on the integrity of selected components and how it can be affected by manufacturing and installation.

Session chair

Nicolas Quiévy

Senior Wind Technology Manager - Key Expert, ENGIE


On the correlation of leading-edge protection test results and lifetime

Danial Vajari

Senior Manager, PhD, Component Design, LM Wind Power

Effect of site assessment and wind speed models on pitch bearings loading
[scientific paper submitted - IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series (volume 2507)]

Ashkan Rezaei

Ph.D. candidate, NTNU

Large monopiles: experimental and numerical investigation of monopile tip buckling during installation as well as of local pile buckling under operational conditions

Matthias Baessler

Head of Division Buildings and Structures, BAM

Improved fatigue capacity of tubular joints by robotic welding

Philippe Thibaux

Staff manager, OCAS

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