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PO138: GIS applications in offshore wind farms: an analysis and framework proposal

Mario Gonzalez, Professor and head of creation research group, Creation research Group - UFRN


Offshore wind energy has been growing in recent years and is an attraction for markets due to economics decarbonization. However, the high costs in the construction and operations and maintenance demands investors analyse the best locations in order to have a greater eletricity generation and lower cost. In this context, softwares are used to a decision-making and to facilitate the project development. One of the main software used is geographic information systems (GIS) that analyze projects from their conception to decommissioning and can handle large amounts of georeferenced information, usually necessary for various types of studies. This research aims to develop a framework, presenting the main applications of GIS in the offshore wind industry and how these applications can be used to analyse offshore wind projects feasibility. The research methodology used was a systematic literature review of articles and technical reports. The framework is grouped into three categories (i) wind potential applied maps; (ii) environmental, with a focus on environmental studies, site monitoring and species mapping; (iii) technical-economic with feasibility analysis of projects such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payback, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), layout analysis, among others. The main data collected to develop maps and the analysis are from satellites, measurement instruments (such as lidars), government databases or field surveys. Among the main agents interested in the analysis are project managers, government agencies and investors. The versatility presented by these programs is a differential to be mentioned, mainly because it is based on Python architecture and allows the creation of plugins according to the need to perform the analysis, helping in different ways in decision making.

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