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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
17:00 - 18:30 Annual energy production: improved estimates through advanced modelling
Resource assessment  
Onshore      Offshore    

Room: Hall G2

Advanced modelling methods are now standard in wind estimating modelling of annual energy production (AEP). In this session, speakers will present round robin tests of models for spatial variability of wind resource on projects using different modelling approaches. We will look at the consequences of including atmospheric stability in the calculation of AEP offshore and how you can measure wind profiles at heights of 100-200 metres by using LIDARs with emphasis on charactering extreme shear situations such as low-level jets causing extreme loads. Finally, we will hear about the variability of turbulence intensities measured offshore.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the different methods for modelling the spatial variability of wind resource at the project scale and the errors based on the different modelling approaches;
  • How to incorporate stability in the AEP modelling in offshore wind farms;
  • Understand the effect of using high resolution modelled wind climatologies combined with advanced boundary modelling on the estimation of the tall winds at 100-200 metres;
  • How to characterise and define the extreme events such as low-level jets that can cause fatigue loads in a wind farm;
  • Understand the variability of the turbulence intensities offshore measured from multiple measurement towers.
This session will be chaired by:
Hans Jørgensen, Head of Section & Program Manager for Siting & Integration, DTU Wind, Denmark

Abstract ID: 217
Scott EIchelberger
Wind Energy Offering Manager, Vaisala, United States
Round-robin validation of spatial wind modeling at a site with a large number of towers

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Abstract ID: 414
Tina Leiding
Research Assistant, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany
A concept for modelling a quantitative wind climatology for wind energy applications at heights above 100 m

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Abstract ID: 449
Przemek Marek
Senior Wind Analyst, Prevailing, United Kingdom
A study of the variation in offshore turbulence intensity around the British Isles

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