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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
14:30 - 16:00 Wind energy in a digitised world

Research & Innovation  
Onshore      Offshore    

Room: Hall D

The world economy is going digital, and the wind power sector is no exception. Major manufacturers and operators are all rolling out industrial internet solutions to improve the performance and reliability of their turbines while bringing assembly and maintenance costs down. Digitisation is key to integrate even larger amounts of wind energy into the grid. The combination of unprecedented data collection and computing power opens a wide range of new possibilities to make wind power ever more competitive. However, when it comes to digitisation, the wind energy sector is still in its infancy compared to other industrial sectors.

This session will look at the digitisation of the wind energy sector and ask the following questions: What are the challenges and bottlenecks? Which success stories look promising? What can be learned from other, more advanced, industries? Where should R&I efforts focus and in which area should the collaboration be encouraged?

ETIPWind activities are funded by the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014–2015
Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy, B. 2.15. contract number: PP-03041-2014.


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This session will be chaired by:
Aidan Cronin, Chairman of the Steering Committee, ETIP Wind / Advisory Specialist to the CTO, Siemens Wind Power A/S, Denmark

Thomas Pump
Head of Asset Information Systems, E.ON Climate and Renewables, Germany
[email protected] How to harvest the full potential?  

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Peter Thorsted
Head of Centre of Excellence, Envision Energy, Denmark
Towards an energy internet: what is coming?  

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Ward Thomas
CEO, Sentient Science, United States
Using computational prognostics to extend machine life  

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Tom Richardson
Senior Lecturer in Flight Mechanics, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Autonomous drones & perspectives from the aerospace industry  

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