New study launched to standardise EU Health and Safety in wind energy

WindEurope is to collaborate on a major study outlining potential areas to harmonise Health and Safety standards across Europe.

The study, commissioned by the European Commission, will be conducted in collaboration with Berlin-based renewable energy policy consultant eclareon GmbH and global advisory firm The Renewables Consulting Group. In recent years, the rapid growth of the wind sector has led to shifts in health and safety practices and standards. While technological advances aim to ensure the safest possible conditions, the wind energy sector nevertheless requires further coordination and harmonisation in health and safety standards.

The new study will explore potential areas to do this, both onshore and offshore, from construction to operation and maintenance and decommissioning. The study will provide an overview of legislation currently in force, as well as standards and certification procedures. But, crucially, it will also provide a detailed methodology that can be used to assess, prioritise and qualify potential harmonisation as well as a roadmap with best practices and socioeconomic benefits.

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