Accelerating wind turbine circularity 2nd workshop edition

Accelerating wind turbine circularity 2nd workshop edition

When: Thursday 4 April, 9:00 – 13:00

Where: Atrium 1, level 1

Open to: All registered participants

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WindEurope and Cefic are keen to foster a stronger dialogue between the waste management, chemical and wind energy sectors and to explore how these three sectors can further support each other for accelerating wind turbine circularity.The specific issues we will cover at the workshop are:

  • Decommissioning wind turbines – sharing best practices;
  • Composite waste regulations – mapping existing country regulations and anticipating future regulatory requirements that would push for further recycling of composite;
  • Recycling technologies for composite materials – understanding the available recycling solutions today and the solutions of the future as well as their environmental performance;

We are inviting representatives from the waste management sector providing dismantling and recycling solutions, companies producing composites and epoxy resins, as well as wind turbine manufacturers and asset owners from countries across Europe.

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