Koenraad De Bauw

Chief Technologist - Condition Monitoring and Asset Reliability, ENGIE Laborelec


Koen De Bauw has an experience of more than 25 years in vibration analysis, structure dynamics, condition monitoring and root cause analysis of industrial assets. After obtaining his Master’s degree in electromechanical engineering at the University of Brussels he joined ENGIE Laborelec in 1993, where he worked as a vibration analyst and as a test engineer on electrical grid protections. In 1999 he became Technology Manager for the “Vibrations & Mechanics” team, managing international service and contract research activities in the field of structural dynamics and condition monitoring. From 2014 onwards he holds a position as Chief Technologist. Besides working as a senior expert in his competence domains, he coordinates the technological interaction with other activity domains inside and outside ENGIE Laborelec. Since 2016 he mainly works on Renewable Energy and Data Analytics. Besides his role as Chief Technologist he is a project manager in wind energy topics.


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