Liam Ryan

Interim Director Grid Development and Interconnection, EirGrid


Liam Ryan is the Interim Director of Grid Development & Interconnection for the EirGrid Group, the Transmission System Operator ( Eirgrid) in Ireland and Northern Ireland (SONI). He is responsible for the delivery of the transmission system infrastructure in both jurisdictions, the development of new interconnection between Ireland and France with RTE and the operation of the EWIC interconnector between Ireland and Great Britain. He has over 25 year of engineering and management experience. Liam was head of the Integrated Single Electricity Market transition, responsible for the overall readiness, transition and deployment of the market solution, which fully integrated the single electricity Market to Europe. Liam also held a number of other positions in EirGrid including head of transmission engineering & maintenance, head of market operations, head of power system operational planning and head of programme management office for developing the transmission grid, in all cases he lead the development of policies and innovations which are central to the performance of the market and system operator functions. Before joining EirGrid, Liam held a number of senior engineering roles in Hewlett Packard manufacturing and innovation departments and before that worked in consultancy. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he has a PhD and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and holds a Masters in Mathematics.
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