Mr. Stephen Nolet, MSc.

Senior Director - Innovation & Technology, TPI Composites


Mr. Nolet is principal engineer at TPI Composites in Warren, Rhode Island. He manages the engineering, technical and development activities within TPI Composites, including the company’s Wind Energy business unit. Mr. Nolet manages the company’s physical sciences laboratory, which includes both mechanical materials testing of resins, reinforcements and composites as well as wet chemistry for the development of advanced resin systems in support of TPI’s commercial businesses. Mr. Nolet was Vice President of Product Development for Fiberspar Corporation and directed the engineering design, process and testing activities focused on the development of spoolable composite pipe for both down-hole and surface applications in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Nolet received his B.S. and S.M. degrees in aeronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the named Inventor on over 28 US issued patents in the field of composite materials processing and product design/innovation.


  • Blades
    Multi-physics process model to simulate thick-section composite infusion
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