Eckard Quitmann

Head of Sales - Grid Integration, ENERCON GmbH


After his degree in 1996, Eckard Quitmann worked in several different wind energy compa-nies as sales- and international project development engineer also intervening in the political area of the federal German Wind Energy Association (BWE). In 2004 he joined ENERCON in the Sales- Grid Integration division and as of 2010 he is head of this division. In the ongoing discussions of Grid Codes, and Grid Connection condi-tions he communicates the ENERCON electric qualities and characteristic to the power sys-tem operators worldwide. Focus is on the continuous development and system optimization to meet the grids demands with today’s wind parks. Since the end of 2010 he is actively working as a representative of the wind energy manufacturers within the FNN work group to develop technical connection conditions for the German high voltage power system.
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