Christian Bak

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy


Christian Bak is a Senior Scientist at the Technical University of Denmark at the department DTU Wind Energy and has carried out research at the DTU Risø Campus since 1997. His main activity is within theoretical and experimental wind turbine airfoil and blade aerodynamics. He has been designer and co-designer of the wind turbine dedicated Risø airfoils, which are used on MW rotors. Also, different concepts of rotor design have been investigated, e.g. he is co-inventor on the use of active trailing edge flaps for wind turbines. Examples of his activities are the detailed aerodynamic full-scale measurements on a 2 MW wind turbine rotor in the so-called DAN-AERO MW project, several wind tunnel measurement campaigns, responsible of the establishment of the artificial DTU 10 MW wind turbine and manager of projects investigating the influence of blade leading edge roughness on the aerodynamic performance. Finally, he has been the project leader of the establishment of and now heading the big wind energy dedicated wind tunnel, the Poul la Cour Tunnel.

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