Sessions - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao


Optimising operations of existing wind farms

Onshore wind Operations & Maintenance Technology

When: Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 16:15 - 17:45
Where: Auditorium 2 - Level 4

Session description

Operational strategies of existing wind farms have a significant effect on lifecycle costs. During this session, various methodologies that optimise operations of wind farms are presented. These methods consider retrofits, power rating schemas, testing methodologies, reliability and loads modelling. The proposed solutions aim to reduce OPEX costs and extend lifetime of operational wind farms.

Learning objectives

• Propose new lifetime extension strategies • Describe the relationship between operating strategies and component reliability • Describe hybrid testing methodologies • Propose control strategies for optimising operation of wind farms

Session chair

Simon Watson

Professor of Wind Energy Systems and Director of DUWIND, TU Delft

Sofia Koukoura

Senior Asset Performance Analysis Engineer, ScottishPower Renewables


The power of integrating predictive maintenance tools to increase production and extend the lifetime of wind turbines

Estanislao Gonzalez-Valls


Retrofitting the control unit of wind turbine:Approach, challenges and requirements

Michael Schwarz


Considering the importance of wind regime and power rating schema as they relate to component reliability

Liliana Haus

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Development on new hybrid testing methodologies for reliable critical components in wind turbines

Mireia Olave


Lifetime extension and opex reduction by adapting the operational strategy of wind farms

Peter Loepelmann

Fraunhofer IEE

Investigation of a converter fault for a DFIG wind turbine and analysis of the resulting gearbox component loads

Julian Röder

Center for Wind Power Drives

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