Wind + solar + storage… and more? Hybrid systems

System integration

When: Friday, 28 September 2018, 13:00 - 14:15
Where: Room: Hamburg

Session description

This session addresses the technical challenges and benefits of integrating wind energy into hybrid systems along with other weather-dependent renewable sources and storage. We will start by considering microgrids for off-grid applications or rural areas, powered by different technologies like wind, solar, diesel and storage. We will then discuss the feasibility of such solutions and identify the benefits of integrating wind into these kinds of system. Combining wind with storage can also be a good option to replace diesel gen sets that are used today to supply auxiliaries at off-shore wind farms. During the session, we will analyse whether this kind of option has the capacity to meet the requirements for autonomy in the case of islanding. For interconnected systems, renewables can be combined with storage devices for a more dispatchable power output with load-following capabilities. In that case, the questions of storage dimensioning and economics are crucial. Finally, the session will address the optimised use of renewable generation in combination with land use and infrastructure in hybrid power plants.

Learning objectives

Session chair

Georges Kariniotakis

Head of Renewable Energies & Smartgrids Group (ERSEI), PERSEE - Centre for Processes, Renewable Energies and Energy Systems, Mines Paris Tech


Optimized Integration of Wind Energy into Hybrid Systems and Microgrids

François Botreau

Project Manager, Lahmeyer International

How Wind and Storage as an integrated renewable hybrid solution can reliably match load requirements

Amelie Wulff

Executive – Global Sales Leader Hybrid Solutions, GE Renewable Energy

Hybrid Auxiliary Power Supply System for Offshore Wind Farm

Niya Chen

Senior scientist, ABB Corporate Research

Hybrid Power Plants – Optimized Utilization of Renewable Generation, Land and Infrastructure

Paulina Asbeck

Business Lead Large Scale Batteries, Vattenfall

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