The WindEurope 2018 Conference: four full days of unparalleled learning and networking opportunities

Everywhere we look, wind energy is breaking new ground

Technological and market innovations are transforming the capacities and ambitions of the wind industry.

But new frontiers bring new opportunities and challenges – it is essential for all stakeholders to be up to date with the rapid changes facing our industry.

At the WindEurope 2018 Conference, more than 50 conference sessions and 50O speakers and presenters will put attendees at the forefront of every aspect of the wind industry in 2018.

Each day of the WindEurope 2018 Conference will be organised around a distinct theme, highlighting the different ways in which wind energy is breaking new ground today.

WindEurope Conference
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Day One: Electrification & sector-coupling

The world is moving towards an increasingly decarbonised energy supply. Europe is uniquely positioned to provide a blueprint for the rest of the world in this field. Renewables already make up 30% of the power produced in Europe. But the complete decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system means fully exploiting the potential of renewables. We need to move beyond the power sector we know today.

This means accelerating the renewables-based electrification of three sectors: transport, heating and cooling, and industrial processes. Electrification and sector-coupling have the potential to drive energy efficiency and decarbonisation economy-wide. This will make a more flexible and resilient renewables-based energy system. The WindEurope 2018 Conference at the Global Wind Summit is where you can meet and learn from the industry leaders, experts and policymakers at the forefront of this transformation.

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Day Two: Digital wind & new technologies

R&D developments are breaking new ground in wind energy. The industry is becoming ever more sophisticated, increasingly contributing to system integration. Digitalisation is opening new ways to design, manufacture, operate and maintain wind farms.

Materials science applications that predict failures in wind turbine components at unprecedented accuracy; Big Data analyses to optimise energy yields; data ownership and data sharing; the increasing importance of cyber security in wind; system integration; lifetime extension; cost reduction.

The WindEurope 2018 Conference will keep you at the forefront of these technological breakthroughs.

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Day Three: The wind industry in a merchant environment

In recent years, the industry has unleashed market innovations to dramatic effect. Record low strike prices are being reached in tenders. Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements are transforming how major corporates source their energy. Technology cost reduction and increasing exposure to market dynamics are forcing the industry to think beyond traditional support mechanism models. We need to engage in closer dialogue with the financial sector.

This brings new opportunities, but also significant challenges: there is no one-size-fits-all model for how industry players should operate in a merchant environment. Different regions and different players require different solutions.

At the WindEurope 2018 Conference, representatives of the finance community, investors, and the broader wind supply chain will address current challenges and present new market solutions.

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Day Four: New markets, new frontiers: the long-term outlook

New markets are emerging across Africa, Asia and Latin America. A solid pipeline of wind projects are lined up in previously quiet regions. The Global Wind Summit will bring international delegations from mature and emerging markets to exchange experience, learn from each other and sign up for new business. The series of “Invest in” sessions will give attendees an opportunity to learn about new markets and meet their key players.

There will be sessions on development in constrained and difficult-to-access regions. Lifetime extension, repowering and other end of life issues including recycling offer new market opportunities for a maturing industry.

Floating offshore wind technology is ready to be rolled out on an industrial scale and fully commercialised at utility scale projects, unlocking expanses of ocean worldwide for generating wind power.

There will be conference sessions on improving social acceptance of wind, exploring how the industry can maximise popular support for the industry, particularly in regions currently hostile to wind energy.

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