Solutions & facts on noise, health & public acceptance

Environmental impacts, social acceptance and spatial planning

When: Friday, 28 September 2018, 12:45 - 14:15
Where: Room: Kopenhagen 1

Session description

Setback distances of wind turbines to homes has become a siting issue. Setback regulations have been established and are under discussion in several regions. However, facts on the relation between setback distances and the annoyance of residents is unknown or neglected. This session will provide empirical evidence that the relation between setback distance and annoyance is negligible as long as the siting follows the established noise emissions regulations. Results from four European surveys and one national U.S. survey will be presented. A series of 5-minute presentations providing concrete examples will be followed by an interactive workshop.

Learning objectives

Session in partnertship with IEA Tasks 28 & 39

Session chair

Garry Keegan

Operating Agent, IEA Wind Task 28

John Mc Cann

Vice-Chair IEA Wind TCP, Operating Agent , IEA Wind Task 39


Conflicts and Cooperation - (first) Experiences from a Wind-Dialogue with municipalities

Jan Hildebrand

Head of Department Environmental Psychology , IZES (Institute for Future Energy and Material Flow Systems)

Wind turbine annoyance - IEA Task 28

Gundula Hübner

Professor, Medical School Hamburg + Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Communication strategies - IEA Task 28

Kristian Borch

Associate professor, DTU

Community involvement - IEA Task 28

Garry Keegan

Operating Agent, IEA Wind Task 28

Noise Sensibilization and Outdoor Sound Demonstration to Communities Neighbouring Wind Farms - IEA Task 39

Xavier Falourd

Direction Acoustique et Vibration, Prona SA

The TREMAC Project, Modelled and Measured Sound Levels Around Wind Farm Sites (in Germany) - IEA Task 39

Birger Luhmann

Researcher, Stuttgart Wind Energy at Institute of Aircraft Design

Key International Research and Reviews Addressing Health Concerns About Wind Turbine Sound - IEA Task 39

Gavin Irvine

Director, Ion Acoustics

Future Developments in Quiet Wind Turbine Technologies - IEA Task 39

Franck Bertagnolio

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

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