The next big thing? Saudi Arabia and Russia

Policy & markets

When: Friday, 28 September 2018, 12:45 - 13:45
Where: Room: Bilbao

Session description

This session will focus on two of the largest potential new markets in the world – Russia and Saudi Arabia…two very large countries which are often in the news but which remain a mystery to most of the western world. Russia is by far the largest country in the world, and has huge areas with excellent wind resources; but only a few megawatts have been developed to date. That is set to change soon, as now upwards of 3 GW has been tendered, and the buildout is underway – with no doubt more to come – potentially lots more. Saudi Arabia is looking to develop its large wind and solar resources as rapidly rising domestic consumption is rapidly eating up its surplus oil production, the country’s most important export. Under the new government, this programme is moving forward rapidly. Solar will get the largest piece but the country has excellent wind resources on the west coast as well as elsewhere.

Session chair

Steve Sawyer

Senior Policy Advisor , GWEC


Steve Sawyer

Senior Policy Advisor , GWEC


Saudi Arabia: What opportunities lie ahead for wind?

Abdulaziz Al Mubarak

Business Development Manager, ACWA Power

What's all the hype about the Russian wind market?

Georgy Ermolenko

Director, Center for Development of Renewable Energy, Moscow Higher School of Economics

Opportunities for wind energy in Russia: the Ulyanovsk region

Sergey Morozov

Governor, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia


Steve Sawyer

Senior Policy Advisor , GWEC

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