Sergey Morozov

Governor, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia


Morozov Sergey Ivanovich, Governor of the Ulyanovsk region was born on September, 6th, 1959 in Ulyanovsk. After high school he worked as a machine operator at a furniture factory. In 1977-1980 he served on the Pacific fleet. After army he worked as a mechanic at the Ulyanovsk motor-transportation enterprise, and then - as a driver. Since 1981 - he served at the law-enforcement bodies. He graduated from the All-Soviet Union law institute on specialty "jurisprudence". He made carrier from an inspector of criminal investigation in the Regional Department of Internal Affairs up to the Head of drug control special division of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region. He was awarded «Expert officer of militia» (1986) and «For excellent service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs» badges (1993), and a medal «For impeccable service» of the third degree (1989). In 1995 he was appointed the Chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Dimitrovgrad. In December, 2000 he was elected the Mayor of Dimitrovgrad. Sergey Morozov was the initiator of participation of Dimitrovgrad in regional contests « Cultural capital of the Volga region » and «The Most well-arranged city of Russia». He participated in the development of the main city programs in the framework of these programms. In 2003 Dimitrovgrad won the federal contest and became the Cultural capital of the Volga region-2004. The city was twice awarded special governmental prizes for successful city development. In December, 2004 Sergey Morozov was elected the Head of the Ulyanovsk region administration. He considers stability and steady development in all spheres of life in the region to be the priorities of his work. On March, 20th, 2006 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin introduced Sergey Morozov for consideration to the Deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region for designating him to the post of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region. On March, 28th the deputies have approved the nominee of Sergey Morozov to the position of the Ulyanovsk region Governor. He is married and has five children: two sons and three daughters.


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