Grids, wind farms and system balancing

System integration

When: Thursday, 27 September 2018, 14:45 - 16:00
Where: Room: Kopenhagen 1

Session description

The sheer amount of wind power in the power system is increasing and it will continue to increase for the coming 20-30 years. Already today some countries have over 100% wind power production for some days a year. The electric power system works today but it also shows that there is a need for stronger interconnection between countries and within countries. It also shows the need for increased control of both active and reactive power. Wind turbines need to participate in frequency and voltage control but there has to be an incentive to start this activity. This session will look at the possibility of having a large part of electric power from wind, and the need for control and interconnectors.

Learning objectives

Delegates will:

Session chair

Ola Carlson

Professor in Sustainable Electric Power Production, Chalmers University of Technology

Tusitha Abeyasekera

Converter Specialist, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind


Developing, implementing & testing up- and down-regulation to provide AGC from a 10 MW wind farm during varying wind conditions

Eldrich Rebello

Wind Integration Researcher, Wind Energy Institute of Canada

Technical-Economic analysis of electrical architectures for offshore wind farms

Léo Dalmar

Research Engineer, SuperGrid Institute

Flexible operation of wind turbines

Adam Stock

Control Algorithm Engineer, Wood

Development of interconnectors integrated with offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea - results of the Polish - Swedish PreFeasibility Study (Baltic InteGrid Project)

Mariusz Wójcik

Project Manager, Foundation for Sustainable Energy

Reactive power and voltage control interaction and optimization in the Danish largest wind power plant at Kriegers Flak

Vladislav Akhmatov

Senior Engineer, Emeritus Professor, Energinet

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