Blade design & maintenance

Turbine technology

When: Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 13:45 - 15:00
Where: Room: Hamburg

Session description

The session comprises two aspects, novel design of onshore turbines and erosion of rotor blades. While offshore turbines are still striving for increasing the capacity, new designs for low-to medium onshore turbines have another focus. For low-to medium wind speed stretching of rotor diameter, power rating and hub height are viable options but pose major design challenges. Erosion of the leading edge of rotor blades has a major impact on maintenance cost. Assessing its severity for offshore wind farms and measures for mitigation are important aspects.

Learning objectives

Session chair

Raimund Rolfes

Professor of Structural Analysis at Leibniz Universität Hannover – ForWind , Head of Hannover site of Fraunhofer-IWES


Towards a Lifetime Solution for Leading Edge Erosion

Kirsten Dyer

Senior Materials Research Engineer - Blades, ORE Catapult

New materials for rotor blade development

Wibke Exner

Program Architect Wind Energy, DLR

Technical Advances in the Design of the Largest Onshore Wind Turbines

Chris Spruce

Chief Engineer, GE Renewable Energy

Rain erosion of leading edges of wind turbine blades. What is up and down?

Charlotte Hasager

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

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