Digitalisation in market operations and power trading

System integration

When: Wednesday, 26 September 2018, 16:45 - 18:00
Where: Room: Hamburg

Session description

Decarbonisation, decentralisation of energy resources, combined with digitalisation, is reshaping the power market. This trend is already visible on the Intraday power markets in Europe where automated trading applications are developing at a quick pace to help operate/market the significant amounts of intermittent renewable energy on the system closer to real-time. And this is just the beginning: over the coming years, digital technologies are set to make energy systems around the world more connected, intelligent, efficient and reliable. This is changing markets drastically. This session will look at the new challenges and opportunities this creates for market participants.

Learning objectives

Session chair

Philippe Vassilopoulos

Director Of Product Development, EPEX SPOT

Laurent Truquet

Wind Segment Director, Schneider Electric


Blockchain – A new approach to decentralised Energy

Dirk Briese

Managing Director, wind:research

A database for the wind industry: potentials, hypes and challenges of blockchain networks

Gil Lizcano

R&D Director, Vortex

Power-to-Crypto: How to use loss power to generate revenues instead of paying subsidies

Philipp Schmid


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