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Making wind fit for the power system of the future

26511167006_4107d98246_o-2Making wind fit for the power system of the future – Integrating wind power into the electricity market

17:00 – 18:30, Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The new renewable sources of electric energy – sun and wind – are gaining relevance all over the world. This process is more and more driven by technical progress and economic considerations and is still accelerating. And with growing share of wind power it has become clear, that this new source of electric energy is not only an additional element, which can be connected to the existing systems without making any fundamental changes. Instead, power systems must be further developed to integrate the new sources on a large scale.

Technology leader in connecting wind farms to the grid, ABB, puts forward the argument that transforming power systems into a system primarily based on renewable energies requires focus on two areas:

1) Development of solutions to utilize renewable energies and,
2) Solutions to integrate them into power systems

Minimizing downtimes and maximizing output from renewable sources are typical challenges to be addressed on the generation side while system integration can be differentiated into three phases such as 1) local integration 2) technical system integration and 3) market integration when new business models and a regulatory framework are needed to ensure, that all services are available which are required for affordable, reliable and sustainably provision of electricity.