Are you submitting a paper? - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Are you submitting a paper?

Non-scientific papers

  1. All poster presenters and confirmed speakers that submitted an abstract under the Industry Track have the opportunity to produce a full paper in addition to the presentation, but this is not mandatory. If you submit such a paper, it will be included in the online conference proceedings for the event.
  2. To prepare your paper, please use our WindEurope event template and consult the detailed guidelines listed in the template. Download the template here. Please submit your paper in Word format via the Presenters’ portal.
  3. Submission deadline: 22 March 2024

Science & research papers

  1. Eligibility of scientific paper publications

    If you submitted an abstract under the science and research track, your abstract may be selected for publication in a specific open access volume of the IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Serie. Selected abstracts have been invited to submit a paper based on their abstract. Selected papers will be published depending on the peer-review outcome. See here for guidelines.

    Selected abstracts eligible for a scientific publication have been contacted individually by the WindEurope Conference Secretariat.

  2. The scientific peer review is organised in cooperation with the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE).
  3. If accepted, these papers will be published in a dedicated issue of the IOP Journal of Physics Conference Series.

1. Deadlines for science & research papers WindEurope Annual Event 2024

25 January 2024

Submission of draft scientific paper

29 January – 23 February 2024

Peer review by EAWE

8 March 2024

Submission of final scientific paper (if paper accepted)

20-22 March 2024


End of April 2024

Publication of scientific papers in the IOP Journal of Physics Conference Series

2. How to submit your paper

  1. We are using the platform Morressier as submission portal for the scientific papers. The Conference Secretariat will provide you with the link to the submission portal.
  2. You will need to submit your draft paper in this portal. Once the peer-review is over, you will receive a communication from Morressier about the required changes to your paper (if any).
  3. You will be able to submit your final revised paper through the same system. Again, a communication will be sent through Morressier to inform you about the selection outcome.

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