Startup Pavilion - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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Startup Pavilion

Startup Pavilion

The wind industry needs fresh voices and new ideas to fulfil its potential

The wind industry never rests – we’re always on the move. Join us at the Startup Pavilion located in Hall 1 where you’ll meet the newest names and faces driving innovation and leading breakthroughs right across our sector.

At the Startup Pavilion, you will:

  • network with the start-up community; and
  • find out about exciting developments in a number of cross-industry areas!

Join us for a Networking Reception on Thursday 21 March from 16:30-18:00. Prizes will be awarded to the most innovative startups in the industry, on behalf of WindEurope and our partners ACCIONA Energía, EIT InnoEnergy and Norwegian Offshore Wind. Come by for a chance to build new contacts and to open the path to growth.

Open to: All visitors with a valid event ticket

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Scroll down and read the descriptions of our 28 startups below, check out the video pitches and vote for your favourite startup!


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  • Your own dedicated exhibition space where you can showcase your products and share information on your projects and activities;
  • Entry in the event exhibitor list online and in the printed event guide.

Brand Exposure

  • Branding of the exhibition pod;
  • Your company description and material listed on the event website;
  • Social media coverage of the pavilion before and during the event.


  • Exposure to the community of industry leaders;
  • Networking opportunities during the 3 days of the event;
  • Consortia-building opportunities for future projects.


(excl. VAT)

What’s included?

  • 2 full exhibitor staff passes;
  • 6m2 stand;
  • 1 welcome counter;
  • 2 chairs;
  • Logo and company name printed on a panel;
  • Light fixture;
  • Electricity;
  • Carpet.

Qualifying criteria

  • Maximum 5 years old;
  • < €500k annual turnover;
  • Maximum 5 staff members

Meet the startups

Accurate wind energy yield assessments in minutes. Not weeks.

We have created a rapid online energy yield analysis system that helps you to optimise wind farms for outstanding performance.

Easy to use, it can generate accurate energy yield results at all stages through the life-cycle of a wind farm. Log in to the system to site find, test project designs, predict the impact of neighbouring windfarms, or download a feed of monthly operational hindcasts.

Our extensively validated analysis methods automatically draw on public data where available. Analyse your project and download data and reports in minutes.

Consultancy support also provided.

Visit our stand: 1-A112

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Carewind, established in Turkey and Poland. Carewind provides wind turbine installation & maintenance, Manpower Supply, Crane, transportation, route surveys, port operations, storage area and project management services. Carewind focuses on providing quality and increasing efficiency while making processes more effective in coordination and cooperation with customers and other service provider companies.

Visit our stand: 1-A117

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Dogram is an engineering company specializing in 3D digitization and metrology 4.0. Our approach is based on the latest advances in data capture and visualization, allowing us to provide measurement solutions in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Metal Mechanics, Renewables, Naval, Engineering, Architecture, Heritage…
In the offshore wind sector, we perform geometric dimensional control verifications on various fixed foundations components, both during manufacturing and installation & assembly. These components include monopiles, pin piles, jackets, transition pieces and more. Geometric verification and validation of measurement procedures using various technologies.

Visit our stand: 1-A109

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ECOncrete’s patented bio-enhancing concrete technology is recognized globally for its nature-inclusive designs, ecological enhancement, and ability to increase biodiversity. Stop by our booth to find out how our solutions can be leveraged as innovative NID tool to help you meet ecological requirements and achieve marine biodiversity gains at scale.

ECOncrete ecological scour protection (Droplock) and cable protection solutions provide a unique range of commercial and ecological benefits to offshore wind projects. Our solutions are designed and proven to optimize habitat creation for biodiversity uplift, while meeting standards for deployment and stability. Units are mass-manufactured on site or near site by local providers in standard concrete procedures using low carbon concrete and leveraging local supply chains.

Visit our stand: 1-A100

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Eptune Engineering provides all-weather suspended access platforms tailored for wind turbine blade inspection and repair. We offer flexible rental or sales options for cutting-edge access equipment, extending the operational season for efficient blade maintenance. Rely on Eptune for advanced technology, ensuring safe and cost-effective wind energy operations in any weather.

Visit our stand: 1-AB113

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Errigal Training Centre is Ireland’s only Dedicated GWO (Global Wind Organisation) Training Provider. Established in 2020 by Frankie Veldman who has 28 years’ experience in the Offshore sector, our Centre has become the First Choice Training Provider in Ireland. Together with our suite of GWO courses, we also provide Industry Medicals (RUK/OEUK/ENG1) and company specific training to the Renewables & Offshore sectors. With preferential accommodation rates for our customers we provide you with the most convenient, cost effective and professional option to meet your training requirements.

Visit our stand: 1-A120

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First Airborne transforms logistically intensive wind power services into automated robotics-based services.

Front and center is the proprietary drone-mounted Windborne sensor, which provides wind turbine performance testing at exceptional scale and accuracy.

Windborne, now validated by Deutsche WindGuard, is for all intents and purposes a flying wind mast. While incumbent stationary solutions such as LiDARs can test about 5 turbines annually at considerable expense and effort – including calibrations and craning, Windborne’s test rate, due to its seamless mobility, exceeds 100 turbines yearly.

The company services wind farms owned and operated by leading global players in Europe and the USA.

Visit our stand: 1-A116

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More wind energy yield, less workload with Fleximaus – wind farm performance and wildlife protection are our passions! We take over the complete implementation of bat and bird protection requirements for our customers and support with our experience. Though more targeted shutdowns, we can noticeably and demonstrably reduce energy losses for species protection. With FlexiCheck we find performance optimization in your wind project by using historical environmental data. Fleximaus will do the wind farm optimization on site and the interaction with the wind turbines. FlexiBird is our smart solution for bird protection by using an automated tractor detection on site.

Visit our stand: 1-A103

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Flucto’s mission is to make the installation of offshore wind farms faster, more predictable and transparent to all stakeholders involved. We combine data streams of already in-use equipment as well as Flucto’s sensors to present the data accessible and customized to your specific needs. With our bespoke sensors and software, our team is offering a one-stop-shop-solution to scale up and bring wind farm installation to the digital age.

Visit our stand: 1-A114

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FreedomGRESS is a research-driven deep-tech company that develops advanced AI solutions to transform the operational efficiency and safety measures within the offshore wind energy (OWE) sector. Our services fall within two primary categories:

  1. Security Risk Assessment System for Critical Infrastructure, and
  2. Logistics and Maintenance Optimization for OWFs.

By implementing our solution, OWF owners and operators can reduce operating costs, plan future vessel orders with precise specifications, and strengthen their bargaining power in the market, resulting in a competitive advantage.

Visit our stand: 1-A105

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We drive the wind of change. We are FUCHS Europoles Wind – a startup with know-how, power and the ambition to actively advance the energy-transition: With our FUCHS. Hybridtower for tall onshore wind turbines and a new concrete innovation for offshore wind farms, we offer pioneering products, to enable both the cost-effective generation and use of electricity from wind energy worldwide. With our standardized and serial production, we can manufacture and install our scalable technology in a cost-effectively way and with high quality to secure the efficient future of electricity generation from wind energy.

Visit our stand: 1-AB116

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The company’s objective was to develop an autonomous system capable of carrying out external visual inspection of the wind blade without having to stop production.

This inspection system is safer than conventional methods, and the presence of third parties is not necessary.

Identification of the blades using a ground camera and its own synchronization algorithm that allows the autonomous system to identify the blade’s passage and manage the camera triggering.

Taking very high-definition photographs that allow analysis in the office.

Visit our stand: 1-AB110

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GreenStream Operations Management Platform provides wind energy Investors, Executive Management and Operations Managers with all essential information in one place. GreenStream collects and analyses energy generation, asset performance, worker health & safety, weather, grid demand and energy trading data. GreenStream uses AI to address wind energy challenges such as optimising resources for offshore wind turbine maintenance. Access powerful, role-specific dashboards for monitoring and forecasting generation, loss analysis, asset maintenance and battery storage monitoring. Monitor market demand and price forecasts to bid strategically. Have peace of mind that onsite engineers are certified and are safe.

Visit our stand: 1-A104

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A tech start-up unlike any other in the environmental field, Hamer can lean on over 30 years of consultancy operations in the United States. We create tech solutions for the natural world, including today’s most pressing challenge – renewable energy. Now focused and scalable to meet the moment in Europe. Specific to the wind energy industry, our science-forward, nimble, and precision-based technology allows Hamer Global to provide products that give the buyer the results they need and want.

Visit our stand: 1-A106

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Subsea cable failure rates jeopardise green energy goals. Repair costs are steep and outages are costly, so prevention is key. Our data driven breakthrough unlocks the promise of optical fibre monitoring which transforms standard existing cable fibres into thousands of distributed sensors. We store and analyse years of data allowing our advanced analytics algorithms to generate actionable insights on cable health and failure risks providing continuous, deep inspection from the desktop. We are transforming subsea cable asset management through data-driven insights that enable preventative maintenance strategies: enhancing resilience and uptime.

Visit our stand: 1-A108

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Inmox – your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and reliability in the wind energy sector. Imagine a sensor system so advanced that it not only detects wear particles in the lubricant of gearboxes but predicts critical part failures.

Our cutting-edge plug-and-play solution, coupled with real-time data analysis, ensures optimal performance of wind parks with minimal downtime and planned execution of maintenance operations.

With a focus on sustainability, cost savings and safety, Inmox revolutionizes the wind energy landscape, offering a transformative solution that promises a future of uninterrupted, efficient and secure energy production.

At Inmox we transform maintenance into a strategic advantage!

Visit our stand: 1-A107

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Jungle AI is a research-driven deep tech company that builds scalable AI solutions to help people improve the operations of their renewable assets, such as wind turbines and solar panels. Built on existing sensors and data streams, Jungle’s technology allows renewable asset owners and operators to increase production and reduce machine downtime, enabling wind and solar energy companies to regain control of their increasingly complex asset base and accelerating the world’s transition to renewables.

Visit our stand: 1-A115

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Since 2019, MCVE is focused on manufacturing multi-functionalized GFRP to be embedded in composite. EOPROM® formulation allows to manufacture electrical Copper circuits and electronic functions for composite materials.

The EopromFlex® process uses the screen-printing deposition method as well as Copper plating baths on flexible fabrics.

We are using Copper, familiar product for electronical people, strong raw material which allow a robust connection between the printed function and the electronics thanks to its solderability.

Our technology is for mass production and we bring industrial cost down for embedded heaters and SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) application.

Visit our stand: 1-A118

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N9VE is a Portuguese start-up company with a proprietary technology to recover Rare Earth Elements. Our primary focus is on the sustainable recycling of Neodymium from Permanent Magnets of end-of-life wind turbines, which bears significant relevance to the wind energy sector. Furthermore, our solution is aligned with Europe’s Strategy and is able to meet the forthcoming requirements outlined in the Critical Raw Materials Act particularly with regard to the circularity on Permanent Magnets.

Visit our stand: 1-A102

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Renewable Dynamics is a company that specializes in providing expert control engineering solutions to wind farms. Our services include analysis, modeling, control, and optimization of wind turbines and farms. We also offer a continuous life assessment solution which connects your SCADA to our digital-twin life models and also advanced wind farm control software. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a net-zero future by maximizing the life of their assets and enhancing wind farm revenues.

Visit our stand: 1-A101

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Sea Impact is an innovative market intelligence company that provides key benchmarks on installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Sea Impact combines project-specific data, vessel location data and extensive offshore wind experience to deliver unprecedented market insights.

Visit our stand: 1-A111

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Sensors360 is a leader in sustainable rotation sensor technology with our innovative optical wind turbine gearbox monitoring system; GEAR-UP. Our fully optical, passive sensors solution can be easily installed on any gearbox in a wind turbine to measure key parameters such as speed, condition, planet load sharing, input torque, and consumed and remaining operating life. By providing real-time data, our solution optimizes wind turbine production, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve the reliability of the turbine’s driveline. Partner with us to control and enhance your wind turbine performance and lifespan.

Visit our stand: 1-A119

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Sideshore Technology optimise the layout of offshore wind farms – wind turbines, substations and cables.

The position of a wind turbine influences costs across various project domains (turbine wakes, foundation, seabed preparation, cables, maintenance).

Our approach is to define the cost drivers across all packages, bring them together in a single model, and optimise the wind farm layout automatically using our proprietary software tool, the Layout Doctor.

This approach ensures that our clients have the most cost-efficient wind farm designs, save millions in the process, and accelerate the energy transition to a more sustainable world.

Visit our stand: 1-AB115

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SolarinBlue is the leading startup for floating offshore solar in France and South Europe.

We have inaugurated the first floating offshore solar farm in the Mediterranean in 2023.

Our technology sustains 10m waves and 200km/h winds.

We make hybrid offshore farms combining wind & solar a reality.

Wind & solar have a 95% complementarity: an hybrid farm combining wind and solar can export 95% of its combined energy flow through a cable initially designed for the offshore wind farm alone.

Visit our stand: 1-AB114

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SolidGround excels in innovative geotechnical, geophysical, and geological data integration. Our project-based consultancy specialises in de-risking and designing foundations for offshore construction, focusing on energy islands, floating wind turbines, and bottom-fixed wind turbines. Merging extensive geodata with an agile approach, we use in-house algorithms for efficiency and transparency. Committed to innovation, our team actively contributes to scientific publications and research. Our proven expertise in geological interpretation, geophysical studies, and geotechnical engineering is highlighted by tailored solutions addressing clients’ specific needs, ensuring success in a broad spectrum of geoscience projects for results that you can understand, trust and use.

Visit our stand: 1-A113

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Vinci Virtual Reality (VR) is a leading provider of workforce recruitment, education, and training VR software for the Wind Market. Vinci leverages highly immersive, affordable VR technology to simulate complex wind environments and equipment to provide career exposure, industry education, and certifiable training. Its expansive library of VR content touches every major aspect of the wind supply chain from manufacturing and construction to O&M, and has modules that have been integrated into University degree programs. Lastly, its VR modules that can be integrated into GWO courses such as Slinger Signaller. Come by our booth to try out these experiences yourself.

Visit our stand: 1-A124

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Wind Service HUB is a partner providing skilled manpower for the management, supervision, servicing and installation of wind turbine generators onshore & offshore

Wind Service HUB is a Service provider specializing in wind turbine generators, with Experts, Authorised Technicians AT, Limited Authorised Technicians L-AT and Competent Technicians CT. We all have technical & GWO certificates to facilitate, manage and support onshore & offshore projects.

Client Representation, Decommissioning, Quality inspections, Commissioning, Site management, Upgrades, Borescope inspections, Troubleshooting, Work Instructions creation.

Visit our stand: 1-A121, 1-A125

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Youwind is a SaaS company that accelerates early development phases for offshore wind projects, saving up to 80% of the time. Our web-based platform merges engineering and financial analysis from energy yield and park layout, considering environmental and technical constraints and state-of-the-art wake loss models, down to logistics and weather downtime optimization, keeping track of your financial indicators. It includes extensive datasets for all wind farm components and global GIS layers, with the flexibility to add your own data to be used in our powerful calculation tool to optimize your wind farm by making many scenarios within a click.

Visit our stand: 1-A110

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