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Experimental Development and Field Validation of Rock Anchors for Sustainable Onshore Foundations

Jan Suchorzewski, Director for Material Design, Dep. Infrastructure and Concrete Technology, RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden


The development of an innovative rock anchor prototype manufactured using high-strength steel sheets produced locally in Sweden is the core of the PROWIND concept. Steel sheets provide design freedom to easily manufacture complex geometries, which can be advantageous to enhance the shear force transmission in the bond-length segment. The underlying challenge of this concept has been to design a solution that meets the design requirements of today and future technological advancements, all while keeping conventional installation practices in mind. The PROWIND rock anchors development and validation proved that: * The anchors with the end feature with ribbed design have 4-5 times higher load-bearing capacity which leads to a lower number of anchors for one tower, reducing the costs and time of foundation construction or possibly installation of larger turbines. * The experience from the anchor installation proved that the developed grout and anchors are faster and easier to install. Moreover, the prestressing solution used enables adjustment of the prestressing of anchors after installation. * The monitoring systems of fibre-optics and tension nuts provided additional information about the safety and reliability of the system and might be used as a future tool for effective maintenance and service-life extension of the rock-anchor foundations for wind power leading to lower costs and environmental impact.

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