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H&S in the wind industry - are the winds of change blowing?

Annette Nienhaus, Partner, ERM


Compared to other industry sectors with comparable risk profiles, safety performance in the wind sector is still catching up. Although recent reports issued by the G+ do show improvement, there are still significantly more serious injuries in the wind sector than in comparable industries. There are several possible explanations for this which have been shared previously, but ultimately it is the combined knowledge and experience of H&S leaders and operational professionals from within industry who have the best perspective on potential root causes and how to mitigate them. Collecting and systematically analysing the insights from these professionals will unveil new insights into how to drive safety excellence in the offshore and onshore wind sector. This will be done by engaging and asking senior professionals directly through a validated, interview-based survey. With two previous rounds of engaging H&S leaders across more than 100 Fortune 500 organizations in 2017 and 2020, employing more than 12 million people across the globe, the Global Health & Safety Surveys performed by ERM have become an important piece of intelligence for trends and developments in H&S across all industry sectors. In the 2020 survey, 25% of the leaders interviewed came from the energy sector. As ERM are launching the 3rd edition of the survey, we are at a point where it is possible to compare results by sector as well as perform in-depth analyses of developments over time in both a qualitative and quantitative way. This paper will present the approach to, and conclusions from, the 3rd Global Health & Safety Survey, with results being available from early 2024. We will be extracting the results of the 2024 Global Health & Safety Survey for the energy and renewables sector and analysing trends and insights specific to this sector.

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