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PO216: Comparison of several reference sources and methodologies to model potential production during SCADA wind farm unavailability periods

Ronan Pastol, Wind Energy Consultant, Syneria


Due to different technical issues such as grid outage or communication loss, SCADA data over an entire wind farm may be unavailable for long periods of time (few days up to few weeks). An accurate production assessment is required for operators to keep assessing the potential production and estimate the operational performance when the WTGs keep running or request liquidated damages for production losses to grid operators in case of grid outage. Reconstructing the wind conditions and production timeseries during these events could be challenging. Several methods based on MCP are investigated in this poster in order to reconstruct wind and production timeseries when no SCADA data is available. Various reference sources such as mesoscale data and nearby wind farms are tested along with different correlation techniques, and are compared based on accuracy metrics. Methodology and reference source, depending on available data, are finally discussed, as well as the associated uncertainty.

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