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PO066: Rotor blades reuse in Greece - Innovative applications

Konstantinos Gkarakis, Energy Engineer MSc, MA, MBA, University of West Attica


The materials of a wind turbine are effectively recycled by 85-90%. These include the foundations, the pylon, the fuselage, the electrical equipment, the cables, etc. The blades of a wind turbine are a challenge, due to the complex materials required for their construction. In addition, the wind industry is committed to and investing in being fully recyclable through repurposing (reusing), recycling and material recovery. As part of this management, old rotor blades can be repurposed and turned into new useful home and outdoor equipment. Thus, valuable resources (financial & raw materials) are saved and significant greenhouse gas emissions are avoided that would be needed for their construction from scratch. In Greece, in the last year Hellenic Wind Energy Association (HWEA), in collaboration with the companies that have blades from old wind turbines, cooperates with a Greek manufacturer and marketer of urban furniture, playground equipment and outdoor sports equipment, transforms the old blades into furniture for urban equipment, such as benches, shelves, playgrounds, planters, office dividers, kitchen tables, bike sheds, etc. Such products have already been installed in office buildings and in exhibitions. This work presents this initiative known as "Urban blades" and so far, several urban equipment products have been produced while this activity will continue in the next period. Through this action, the blades can practically be reused and return even more value to society after the end of life of the wind farms. In addition, in this way, the reuse of materials is strengthened, and the concept of circular economy is promoted, while at the same time the public becomes familiar with the wind turbine and the products produced from it, strengthening social acceptance.

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