Sessions - WindEurope Annual Event 2022 in Bilbao


Resource assessment: wakes and blockages

When: Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 16:15 - 17:45
Where: Luxua 2 - Level 3

Session description

This is the hottest topic in resource assessment. Wakes and blockages are a term which has evolved in the industry but its really the same thing, the interaction of a wind farm with the atmospheric boundary layer. CFD models tend not differentiate between the two effects and often model them as one whereas engineering models treat them separately and combine them by the method of superposition. In this session you will see both approaches along with real world experimental data.

Session chair

Mike Anderson

Chairman, ETIPWind Advisory Group

Miriam Marchante Jiménez

Senior Lead specialist Wind Farm Engineering EPC & Operations, Ørsted


Waking up to the current task of turbine interaction modelling

Joel Manning

K2 Management

Creating the next generation of validated turbine interaction models for offshore wind farms

Tom Levick


Wind farm blockage – physical drivers and modelling artefacts

James Bleeg


Global-blockage effect in a single row of wind turbines

Alessandro Sebastiani

DTU Wind Energy

Large-Eddy Simulations of the Lillgrund wind farm with the WRF model and the Generalized Actuator Disk.

Roberto Chavez Arroyo


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