Workshop on System Services from Wind Power

When: 26 September 2018, 09:15 – 12:00

Open to: All participants with an exhibition or conference pass

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The workshop, jointly organised by WindEurope and the Bundesverband WindEnergie aims to:

  • Raise awareness among energy sector stakeholders: Can wind power provide system services from a technical point of view? Is it possible from a market design point of view? Which services are best? How can services be remunerated?
  • Share best practices across EU Member States on the procurement and remuneration of ancillary services
  • Provide a dedicated discussion on the German policy context and current discussions on reactive power capabilities.
  • Consider how market design will need to evolve to ensure system stability without depending on large synchronous generators
    • The target audience are TSOs, wind industry, energy regulators, policy makers and academia.

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