Cem Buetuener

Product Lifecycle Manager, Siemens AG


Mr. Buetuener graduated in mechanical engineer in 2006 at university for applied science of Berlin and started his career in 2005 at Siemens Schaltwerk Berlin within a practical and diploma thesis. From 2006 till 2010 responsible for design team in Siemens High Voltage GIS Manufacturing and collected first experiences in realization of design adaptations for customer projects and technical support. 2012 joined Siemens High Voltage GIS Research & Development as head of a design group and was responsible for realization of various GIS components and modules within R&D projects. Since 2012 various functions in Siemens High Voltage GIS Product Lifecycle Management and dedicatedly PLM for 66 kV 8VM1 Blue GIS for wind turbine applications.


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