Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Koos van Oord

Director Offshore Wind, Van Oord Offshore Wind


Koos van Oord has a Master Degree in Civil Engineering. With more than 25 years of experience in Dredging Marine and Offshore construction, he worked on a large variety of contracts incorporating many disciplines such as dredging and land reclamation, offshore operations, trenching and pipeline projects, coastal construction and subsea rock installation. His professional career started in 1990 with AVECO Infrastructure Consultants (Volker Stevin) where he worked in the design team for the Storm Surge Barrier in the Nieuwe Waterweg in Rotterdam. In 1993 Koos van Oord started his employment with Van Oord and worked in Spain and Portugal as project engineer and project manager. He changed his focus from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean in 2001, when he first became Regional Manager and later expanded his focus to Central and South America in his role as Area manager. In 2011 Koos van Oord was appointed as manager in Van Oord Offshore. He held commercial and operational responsibility for both offshore product groups; Subsea Rock Installation and Offshore Pipeline Installation. Since May 2019 Koos van Oord joined the board of Van Oord Offshore Wind as Area Director, responsible for Van Oord’s Offshore Wind activities in Asia.