Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Mr Wim Stubbe

Chair, WindEurope Ports Platform


Wim Stubbe is business development manager at the Flemish port of Oostende ( . The port of Oostende is an SME-port, focusing on the installation, the maintenance and the decommissioning of offshore wind parks, circular economy and innovation in the field of blue industry, next to the traditional port activities. Within this scope of priorities, Wim Stubbe is very much focusing on the international cooperation within the field of low carbon port management and blue industry. The recognition and the impact of the role of the SME-ports within the EU and within the industry is another point of action. Therefore, Wim Stubbe has initiated the organisation and the working of the Offshore Wind Ports Platform( ) , gathering 14 European ports active in the offshore wind industry, under the wings of Wind Europe. Wim Stubbe has a master degree in law and has some experience in EU project development and funding.