Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Dr. Søren Find Madsen, PhD

Manager, Principal Engineer, PolyTech A/S


Mr. Madsen holds a PhD in Lightning protection of wind turbine blades and has more than 15 years of experience with Lightning protection of wind turbines in general. The focus of Mr. Madsen’s research govern the understanding of lightning physics interaction with wind turbines, the application of numerical methods on lightning exposure, current and voltage distribution within wind turbines, and the assessment the lightning performance of various structures. Currently Mr. Madsen is heading the department for Advanced Engineering & Simulations and has been responsible for several research project within the use of Carbon Fibre Composites for wind blade manufacturing as well as large development projects for the worlds’ top ten OEMS. Mr. Madsen is secretary for the CIGRÈ working group WG C4.36 on Winter Lightning and Engineering Consequences, as well as the maintenance team MT24 responsible for revising the lightning protection standard for wind turbines, IEC 61400-24 Ed1.0.