Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Pim Visser

Director, VisNed


Studied at the Nijenrode Business School BBA (1978) and the Rotterdam School of Management MBA (1981) Pim. Visser started his career in the IT Consultancy from 1981 to 1982. From 1982 to 2002 he worked at Projects and Sales in Shipbuilding for the Dutch and International Fishing Industry Since 2002 Pim Visser is manager of Manager Fish Auctions Northern Holland In that capacity he was president of EAFPA (European Ports and Auctions 2004-2010). Now PimVisser combines the (now part-time) management of the fish auctions with several positions: · Chief Executive VisNed, association of Dutch Producer Organisations (2010-now); · Member North Sea Advisory Council Ex Com (2004-now); · President of EAPO (European Association of Fish Producer Organisations 2014-now)