Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Nicolaos Cutululis

Professor, DTU Wind Energy


Nicolaos A. Cutululis is Professor in the Department of Wind Energy at the Technical University of Denmark. He holds a M.Sc. (1998) and a Ph.D (2005) in Automatic Control. His research is mainly related with integration of wind power, with a special focus on offshore wind power and grids, involving a variety of technical disciplines including modeling and control of wind turbines and farms, wind power variability and ancillary services from wind power. He is a member of the EERA JP Wind Management Board, coordinating the sub-programme on System integration of wind power. Currently he represents Denmark in IEA Wind Task 25 – Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power and he has a large body of publications in the area.