Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Dr. Miquel Roca, PhD

Managing Partner, LMA Legal


Dr. Miquel Roca is qualified as a lawyer in England (Solicitor), Spain (Abogado) Miquel has more than 20 years practicing experience in international law and maritime law. He adivses the main industry players in losgistics and chartering contracts and disputes, in particular related to the transport of wind energy equipment. Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500 say “Miquel Roca ‘can be credited for most of the firm’s success either directly or through his management skills’; he is ‘simply superb’ and ‘shines over most of the main players’. Miquel acts as an arbitrator and particularly as a mediator and conciliator. Miquel is the Maritime Law Professor at ALBA University of Athens and an Associate Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. PhD Cum Laude with International Honours, LLM by the University of Wales, Cardiff and Supporting Member of the LMAA. He publishes articles regularly both in specialised journals and also in the general press. Miquel has written and published four books and he is also co-author and contributor to several maritime law books.