Presenters - WindEurope Offshore 2019


Floristean Alexandru

Legal and Project Manager, HydrogenEurope


Alexandru Floristean is an expert in legal and policy research for the purpose of collecting and assessing evidence on the impacts of EU policies. Most recently, Mr. Floristean has coordinated and provided key policy analysis for the Hylaw project, which has researched and published (in the context of a large scale, user-friendly, online database) information on key legal and administrative processes relevant to the deployment of hydrogen technology. Currently he is conducting a worldwide cross-country data collection and analysis of policies which may impact (negatively and positively) the deployment of hydrogen technologies in the context of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory. Mr. Floristean has more than 8 years of experience undertaking projects on behalf of European Institutions such as the EU Commission and decentralized agencies Alexandru has been involved, in more than twenty research studies, evaluations and impact assessments in several area such as Mobility and Transport: (Hydrogen Law, Intelligent transport systems, the Trans-European transport network); Financial programmes (Horizon2020, Cohesion and Structural funds, SOLID funds in the area of migration); Financial Instruments (LGTT, Progress Micro-Finance); Taxation (e.g. aggressive tax planning, excise duties, VAT) and Home Affairs (Monitoring missions on Solid funds, Evaluation of the EIF), etc. Mr. Floristean holds an MSc in EU Business and Law a BSc in Business Administration and a BA in Law