What you need to know before creating your presentation, poster or paper - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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What you need to know before creating your presentation, poster or paper


24 January 2024

Posters – Submission of poster file and recording

15 February 2024

Speakers – Submission of draft presentation

16-25 February 2024

Session chairs – Review draft presentations

1 March 2024

Speakers – Submission of final presentation

20-22 March 2024


2. Policy of non-commercial content

3. Copyright policy

4. Data privacy

5. Deliverables

  1. You must upload your presentation slides and/or poster file and/or non-scientific paper to the presenters’ portal
    • To login to the presenters’ portal, click on the green button “Sign In with WindEurope SSO”.
      • If you have a WindEurope SSO account, fill in your username and password. It is the same credentials you have used for a paying registration to a recent WindEurope event, or to access the members’ area if you are a member.
      • If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to sign up, it only takes a few minutes. Your credentials remain valid for future WindEurope events.
      • Make sure to register with the same email address that you use to communicate with WindEurope, otherwise the system may not recognize you.
      • Following your login, you are redirected to the portal home page.
    • You can also check and/or update your profile photo and your biography on the conference portal
  2. Event proceedings
    • WindEurope will convert your material to PDF for the event proceedings and make all presentations, posters and papers available to the attendees after the event has ended.
    • If you prefer your presentation not to be published or you wish to edit it, please notify the conference team by email ([email protected]).

6. Audience Interaction


Event Ambassadors

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