Presentations - WindEurope Annual Event 2024

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TWAIN : Integrated, Value-based and Multi-objective wind farm control powered by Artificial Intelligence

Tuhfe Göçmen, Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy


To support wind farm owners/operators to make better decisions for system-wide optimised performance, TWAIN’s concept pivots on a full-integration of WFC at five different levels: 1) integration of multi-source and multi-format data of varied nature from wind farms in different life stages; 2) AI-enabled integration of multi-disciplinary processes and phenomena affecting the wind farm operation; 3) integration of multi-objective prospects of WFC to assess the true added value of a certain operation mode; 4) integration of multi-level controllers and scenario analyses in decision support provision for harmonious co-existence of WPPs with their environment and society via optimised operation and design; and 5) integration of wider audience to TWAIN outcomes. TWAIN decision support environment is a digital environment architected for multi-source data integration and optimised computing, which contains a set of toolboxes with the critical analytical steps to operate a wind farm effective and efficiently. It is oriented to wind power asset management by WF owners/operators. TWAIN is a recently launched (Nov 2023) Horizon Europe project that will be running for 4 years. Coordinated by DTU Wind and Energy Systems, the project has 12 partners in total with 4 research institutions/academia and 8 industrial organizations. More details on the project can be found here

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