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Exploring variability in operational energy yield analysis: insights from open data analysis

Charlie Plumley, Senior Performance Engineer, Glennmont Partners


Operational Energy Yield Analysis (OEYA) plays a pivotal role in the wind energy industry, offering insights into the long-term performance of operational wind assets and for use in validating and enhancing pre-construction methodologies and resource assessments. This work sheds light on the importance of validating OEYA methodologies, by presenting findings from a collaborative effort involving four independent entities—UL, Cubico Sustainable Investments Ltd, Tipspeed Consulting, and Luz de Mar—leveraging the WeDoWind framework and Open Data Exploration space. The analysis focuses on open wind turbine SCADA data obtained from Kelmarsh and Penmanshiel wind farms to ascertain the long-term energy yield of these assets. While it may be expected that results from an OEYA would produce very similar predictions of future generation, our investigation reveals a notable spread in the P50 results, with variations reaching as high as 4%. These discrepancies in OEYA outcomes can exert a substantial influence on project valuations and will also feed through to any validation of pre-construction analyses. This underscores the criticality of refining and validating OEYAs in the wind energy sector. This work delves into the underlying factors contributing to the observed variations, presenting an opportunity for future research and development initiatives aimed at enhancing the accuracy and reliability of OEYAs. Furthermore, it underscores the immense value of collaborative efforts and the utilization of open data within the industry. By fostering collaboration and open data sharing, this research endeavours to elevate the wind energy sector's efficiency, performance, and sustainability, ultimately benefiting stakeholders across the board. Join us at the Wind Europe conference as we explore these insights and chart a course for the future of Operational Energy Yield Analysis.

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