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A comparative study between a pulsed and a continuous wave lidar mounted on a buoy against a trusted reference

Salma Yahiaoui, R&D engineer, AKROCEAN


FLS (Floating Lidar Systems) have become widely used to carry out wind resource and metocean assessment campaigns to collect relevant wind and meteorological data. Thanks to several instruments mounted on the buoy, FLS measure wind, wave and current parameters. They provide information crucial to the design process of a floating offshore wind farm, the turbine selection process and the annual energy production prediction. FLS are becoming more accepted as the primary measurement instrument for offshore wind farms development. The FLS main sensor to measure the wind is the Doppler LiDAR. Continuous wave lidar and pulsed lidar are two coherent lidar technologies that are accurate remote sensing devices to measure the wind. AKROCEAN mounted one of each on one buoy and conducted a trial to assess the performance of both lidars under the same environmental conditions.

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