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PO325: Seares technology: next level mooring for floating offshore wind

Giorgio Cucè, CEO and Founder, Seares Srl


Seares is born with the aim of creating innovative mooring systems for any floating body. The present article addresses the problems associated with the pre-tensioning of semi taut mooring system during the installation phase, through the implementation of the Seadamp FX. This hydraulic damper is designed to cope with a wide range of variable loads and to act on them by adjusting the stiffness of the system via its mechatronic components, this adaptive adjustment capability can effectively follow dynamic load variations. The Seadamp FX behaviour and response capability to control mooring line load during operational lifetime is also analysed and presented. In fact, its capability to actively contain and affect the floating body accelerations is presented for two operational cases: 1) maximise mooring integrity (typically associated with extreme bad weather conditions); 2) maximise floating body stability (reduction in the resulting pendulum effect on the wind turbine). The Seadamp FX capabilities to change its stiffness are analysed for typical mooring line loads to minimise mooring line maximum design load requirements, thus effectively reducing the CapEx. Furthermore, its embedded capability of self-generating power to monitor and modify the tension is used to assess the residual fatigue life of the morning line based on real recordings thus minimising the OpEx cost. The system acquired data, independently from the wind generation system, allow to develop accurate dynamic models of the behaviour of the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) and mooring lines. The system ability to self-generate power and continuously acquire data, independently from the wind generation system, allows to develop accurate dynamic models of the behaviour of the FOW mooring line.

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