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PO317: Characterization of a port infrastructure to support the offshore wind and green hydrogen sectors

Monalisa Godeiro, Senior Reseacher/Head of Ports, Creation Research Group (UFRN)


The need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the decarbonization targets, culminated in the accelerated technological development of offshore wind turbines (16 MW turbines have already been commissioned), to increase production capacity based on economy of scale. In parallel, the green hydrogen (H2V) market also stands out, because of 70% of its production cost depends on the cost of electricity, with offshore wind being the main source, demonstrating the existing synergy in the development of both markets. However, these sectors present challenges in: 1) Logistics; 2) Supply chain, and 3) Support infrastructure, especially an adequate port infrastructure that includes: storage areas; manufacture of offshore wind components; green hydrogen production plants; and industrial clusters, in order to maximize the efficiency of operations, promote logistical optimization and demonstrate the technical and economic viability of these sectors. In this context, the research question is: "What characteristics should ports have to support the offshore wind and H2V sectors?". Therefore, this study aims to propose an analysis of the main characteristics and factors necessary to characterize a port infrastructure as adequate to support the offshore wind and H2V sectors. The research was developed in 4 steps: Systematic Literature Review (SLR); Case studies in leading countries (UK, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, China and Japan); Analysis of intercases; and Systematization of characterization factors. As the main result, 30 main factors were obtained, divided into 5 dimensions: physical characteristics; layout; connectivity; port operation and performance; and governance for industrial and sustainable development. From the study, the importance of ports as an industrial base for the manufacture of offshore wind components and installation of production plants, storage and disposal of green hydrogen and derivatives was proven.

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